What’s Trending in 2019?

This year, we are ditching the sugary hype of freak shakes and cronuts and looking towards the savoury. We are becoming more focused on how and what we eat impacts our environment (both positively and negatively). From recylable and non-plastic packaging to being vegan intermittently throughout the week; it’s not so much about health as it is being a the new eco warrior. So what are the top 5 food trends of 2019?

Faux Meat

Being vegan – permanently or temporarily – has been one of the rising trends of last year and is set to take on 2019 massively. As we are becoming more consciously concerned with how we impact the environment through what we eat, how we eat and what we buy surrounding what we eat, veganism has had more of a voice. However, the voice on the subject has been both positive and negative, promotional and slanderous. Either way, the food industry is taking heed and there are some strong pioneers for the trend, more so in a ‘dirty vegan’ type way. The desire is for meat-free, dairy-free, meat-like food and it needs to be as dirty as the dirtiest meatiest burger. Call forth the vegan junk food!

Big players in this are Gizzi Erskine and her partner in crime, Rosemary Ferguson, who have opened up a purely vegan junk food restaurant in Shoreditch – Pure Filth. Also check out Biff’s JackShack in Box Park, Shoreditch. Good news if you only want to take on board veganism for ‘veganuary’ and can’t stomach the idea of eating tofu and kale.

Oat Milk

Milk alternatives are a growing request from consumers across much of Britain, either due to allergies or dietary preference. However, where almond milk was the milk alternative of the last couple of years, oat milk is quickly becoming the new replacement. Brands such as Rude Health and Oatly are at the forefront of this charge, but there are many others coming up from behind.

Much like almond milk, oat milk is not a milk at all, but a product of soaking oats in water and blending until smooth and ‘milk-like’,

This is not great for the gluten-free vegan but is a little tastier than Almond or Soya.

Healthy Fats

The keto diet has proved ever popular over the last year or so, but the concept of high proteins and fats and low carbs isn’t a new one. So for the OGs of the diet and those looking into it, fats are no longer the evil and healthy fats are on the horizon. Bringing back the plant based fats and oil (which never really left) but holding back on the coconut oil, and are told to be ever conscious of our consumption of palm oil – not a friend to the environment. Growing research has apparently shown that coconut oil is not as healthy for you as we were once told.

Eco Friendly Packaging

How we eat also has a lot to do these days with how we shop and we’re becoming more conscientious as to what our food comes packed in. Britain has already started banning the plastic straws, more local grocery shops are ditching the plastic wrapping and even the big coffee chains are looking to manufacture a disposable cup that’s 100% recycable. So look out for plastic made from seaweed, bringing your own keepy-cups to the coffee shop and a potential increase in the cost of plastic bags and take away cups.


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