In 2019 – beware the self-care

I was going to do a round up of what made 2018 and what food trends we’ll be looking at for 2019, however! Something else that’s been at the very forefront of, well, everything, is that it’s January. Time to start your new year-new you resolutions! Did you indulge over the festive period? Do you need to detox? Get healthy? Essentially become anti-social for a month and then decide it was never worth it, because the season of events is now over!

To put things into perspective, what did you do over the festive period that you don’t normally do, aside from socialise more? And why do we feel the need to get together moreso during that time of the year than any other time? I’m sure summer is very similar for a lot of people with BBQs, beer gardens and general outdoor eating. But it’s still eating and drinking to an excess. I don’t believe people are moderate most of the time if you have the propensity to use occassions as a reason to over indulge. The truth is you may just be an over indulger disguising a ritual of over eating as ‘self-care’. As I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts and coming across a fair few memes treating not dieting as self-care, because a diet is a form of punishment.

I do not disagree with this.

However, as I’ve gotten older, I have to face facts that my body does not react the same way as it had done. My thoughts do not have the same reasoning, and my emotions are not so easily affected. My life has changed, my weight has changed, so I think my eating habits would change too. And it SHOULD change. We must evolve, we must move otherwise we remain static and stangnant

A diet is temporary.

It is also stating that the way and what you’ve been eating are wrong but desired and this is a complex matter to resolve. You don’t want to stop eating baked camembert with a whole baguette, but you resolve that if you bring yourself down to a certain weight and cut it out for a period of time, you can eat it again eventually and it will be a ‘treat’. If you are treating yourself from time to time, does that mean you are punishing yourself the rest of the time? And so on and so forth.

I hardly ever feel that January is the time of the month to start anew, we’re still in the pit of winter so as far as I’m concerned, it’s ever more of a reason to keep hunkered down and feel a lot less motivated. Instead, I find spring more the season for ‘renewal’ so I look to holidays in January and February for comfort rather than new foods. And thus I decided never start a trend or a new eating habit (a vicious cycle to be broken) in January – never. I might eat differently because I can now afford less, but that’s a different matter

Just beware that self-care doesn’t become a form of over indulgence.

Eating everything and anything beyond what your body needs. Or a form of punishment. Exercising your body to exhaustion in the name of fitness. I’m not a health expert by the way! But through my work I can see how clearly defined our eating habits vary throughout the year. Based mainly on the season of events, more than anything else. When really we should just be eating according to what our bodies need us to eat. If you’re over indulged and a little sick, your body needs an anti-inflammatory and something to aid digestion. Turmeric, ginger and peppermint are all rather useful in that matter (not all at the same time necessarily).


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