Full English Overload

Are we over being over charged for a Full English breakfast? Are we just over the Full English in general?

With breakfast and brunch still a relatively big deal across the capital, a lot of restaurants have amped up the breakfast menu. A staple across the board is the Full English. From one place to another it will vary between having baked beans, black pudding and bacon. Although there will be variations.

You don’t find the black pudding version common. The baked beans will be some home made variety (not tinned at all). If there’s no bacon there’s often always a sausage (one or the other or sometimes both) and on some occasions there’s even a hash brown.

The average Full English breakfast costs about £1.84 without labour and possibly up to or a little over £3.84 with. You could calculate your own profit margins. However it’s not for the customer to dictate to the establishment how much profit they should or should not be making.

If you don’t want to pay the money, don’t sit down and order.

I could pay anywhere up to £12.95 for a Full English, so is it worth it? If there’s too much on the plate then I’m over full, stuffed and stodged up. But if it’s not then I feel cheated of my money and looking for extras afterwards. It’s the mentality that comes with ordering the breakfast in question.

The point is, no matter how well done, if you have your eggs poached or fried, there’s a lot of stodge on that plate. So if we’re not hungover, starving or in a ‘to hell with it’ mood, are we really still into it?

I’m sure purists will believe there will always be a place for the Full English breakfast across the UK, and I believe this too. So if you’re adamant, I believe there are still a fair few places that keep it going to a worthy standard. Such as The Caravan at Kings Cross and Manuka Kitchen.

Breakfast at the Wolsely comes across as rather clean if not a bit above and beyond for price, and simply dubbed, ‘The English’. Whereas the Hawksmoor does an appropriately serious meaty meal of it.

I can hear my arteries calling out in desperation as we speak.

For the complete opposit end of a Full English breakfast, check out this recipe on Power Porridge.


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